September 23, 2021
1 minute

Another day, another portfolio

For the 12th time, I have decided to refresh my web design portfolio. Funny enough this isn't even a result "I am happy with" but it certainly is a jump from all the random ideas that appear in my head.

I requested some crituque and feedback from my last design and all of the compliments/insults resulted in this.

The SEO has improved dramatically through there being over 50 interlinked pages added, and i'm now aiming to capitalize from local seo since I realised my ranking metrics are pretty decent for not having done much work..

The next goal is to hit DR:50 & get around 10k backlinks... Now I know it's quality over quantity but theres something satisfying about knowing im could be connected to 10,000 pages/links..

Let's see how it goes.