Webflow vs Framer 2022

June 21, 2022
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Whether to go for webflow or farmer x, your power of choice depends on the peculiarities that each application carries and how best they work for you.

Webflow vs Framer 2022

If there are few effective ways to develop a highly interactive user-interface website as a web designer or to come up with some attractive components to peg on your domain, then you should think of webflow and farmer x.

Webflow VS Framer; User Interface

Charles Eames, in 1949 said, "To be a good designer, you must be a good engineer in every sense". Unfortunately, your 12 weeks of intensive design program may not be sufficient to make you a professional web designer right out of the gate. It would help if you had something more – tools designed with powerful integration that will launch your ideas into the moon and give a perfect outward expression of your inward imagination.

Both of these tools are a great addition to helping designers bridge the gap between website development and design. So whether you're a webflow expert or you have a thing for element construction and prototype design, this guide will set you on the right course and make you hit the ground running in no time at all with your next project.

Vague or Value? – Webflow Vs Farmer X

Without any further ado, let's share insight on webflow and farmer x to help you decide your safe spot when you're thinking of a web design tool that will deliver just the quality you are looking for.

What is Webflow?

Webflow Dashboard

Most website designers will agree that webflow hosts one of the most resourceful features out there. The point that this is a  makes it altogether accepted by many freelance web designers and experts in putting forward a unique work. You will easily notice the content management system (CMS) on this application that allows you to manage and create awesome content published later on to your audience.

This tool features a“Webflow University” where you can access an array of helpful educational resources to maximize your productivity. There’s also a “Showcase” feature added to this design tool which makes it similar to authoritative platforms like Dribble and Behance, plus you can harvest other people’s work to serve as your project canvas.

Webflow Pros

  • No coding knowledge is required to use this tool
  • Supports attractive graphics
  • The “webflow billing” feature enables you to monetize your work
  •  It has a large resource library for enhanced workflow

Webflow Cons

  • Designs are more static than interactive

What is Framer X?

Framer X dashboard

Farmer X is a desktop-based application for the design of a prototype. This tool includes a comprehensive Javascript and API library for enhanced interaction with your prototype design. In addition, this tool is supported both on mobile and web platforms with adaptive animation features that powers every animation.

Farmer X is very easy to install for mobile and web use, cutting across resources like icon packages and interactive components. This conventional prototype construction tool runs on additions that handle elements and causes them to come alive, mimicking how the real UI works.

Framer X Pros

  • Ease of exploring unique interactions
  • Manipulation of elements and components with animation
  • Reusable code on different projects
  • Supports CSS export feature

Framer X Cons

  • It does not currently support use on browsers

Choosing What’s Best For You

Before deciding which tool to work with on your next design project, make sure you go through this section of the guide carefully and take note of key features to consider. Let us examine these features in a few minutes.

Purpose of project

Webflow is designed for web hosting and the production of static pages on your website. However, this tool is the perfect choice for freelance web designers focused on designing websites for small and medium-scale businesses.

On the other hand, Farmer X is a tool for interacting with design prototypes. This tool thrives on real codes, creating an endless possibility for productivity.

Extension & flexibility

Webflow gives you unrestrained access. You can leverage on provided business APIs or public Javascript packages to meet your project needs. This extension is a powerful integration, especially for designers who love to express more flexibility.

Results to publish

Webflow allows you to publish your design once you’re done working, making the website fully functional in real-time. Just design and you’re life.

Farmer X has a different output approach with your prototype design. However, unlike webflow, you won't find it in production.


Here with we are! Whether to go for webflow or farmer x, your power of choice depends on the peculiarities that each application carries and how best they work for you.

I prefer Webflow over Framer X due to the sheer freedom it provides over Framer X

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