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All projects are hosted on scalable secure servers

When looking for hosting services, several things need to be given top priority. Security, database location, and prices all feature prominently in the decision making. When choosing a web-hosting service, you need to be extra careful as this affects your site's overall performance and SEO ranking.

We utilize state of the art servers and backups located all across the globe. Thus, when your clients log on to your website, they will be able to load the site in no time. A slow site is bad for business, and that's why we ensure that the servers are located strategically to help boost site loading speed.

What you can expect from our cloud hosting services

Cloud hosting over cPanel hosting

Cloud hosting is the preferred choice for many site users because of its superior performance and high speeds. Thou cPanel is a decent web hosting choice, its security and performance leave a lot to be desired. Choosing cloud hosting services over cPanel means choosing better speeds and performance.

World-class security

As mentioned, cloud hosting is more secure than a host of other web hosting services. With it, you can expect your data to remain beyond the hands of unwanted persons. Your data is safely stored in the different servers located in various places around the world.

Scalable servers

Different seasons come with varying surges in the number of site visitors. With our cloud hosting services, we offer scalable servers that will allow your site to function smoothly even when the site visitors increase. That means that your website will always be safe with fantastic loading speeds.

Affordable prices

Most people always fear the cost associated with cloud hosting. The truth is, cloud hosting is an affordable service that does not leave a damming gap in your budget. You don't have to struggle with over-the-roof prices only to get messy services as with cPanel.

Lastly, we use digitalocean.com to host all development projects. Through this platform, we can confidently work on even the most complex hosting cases. You can bank on us to provide reliable web hosting services with the help of the best tech. get in touch with us today and request a quote

The SignalReviews project is hosted through Webflow's Amazon AWS infrastructure and has several backups available in the unlikely event of any other server failing. All development projects are managed through our own secure cloud hosting > webflow pipeline for maximum security.

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