I am Derrick Kityo.
I’m drawn to human-machine-interaction and create digital experiences.

My belief in God and the power of the futurist mindset is so strong that I’m usually either smiling or looking intensely serious.

Simply put - I’m determined. With every rep in the gym or click of a mouse, each piece of work I create is an example of aiming to thrive instead of survive. 

Having this mentality helps me challenge myself, encourage growth and alter my perception of failure. 

Derrick Kityo overlooking building

An adventurous person can’t help but fall into the temptation of pushing boundaries. It’s very difficult to resist an exciting journey. The idea of taking a concept from nothing to something that will ultimately define the image is what motivates me. Either I’m designing brands, creating website experiences, writing lyrics or directing visuals behind a Panasonic GH4 camera lens. I've been from dial-up to broadband and grateful to be apart of this generation.