12 No-code Apps To Build Your Next Startup in 2022

January 24, 2022
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12 No-code Apps To Build Your Next Startup in 2022

Creating a brilliant business model for startups has never been easier! The introduction of no-code applications and platforms has been the perfect blend of excellence and convenience. From the intricate launch of an e-commerce website for product sales to designing and automating intuitive elements that improve user experience, you can bet the no-code app will always be your go-to solution to kick-starting your business inspiration.

No Codes App
No Code Apps

Let's study a few useful platforms that allow you to build your business from static to dynamic, user-friendly tools.

12 No-code Apps to Help Build Your Next Startup

We present you with our list of 12 no-code facilities that would launch your business startup from the trench to the zenith. Read on to explore this list as you find what works best for your business idea.

A wonderful User interface
A wonderful User Interface

NB: This list is in no preferred order as we count all platforms to have their special ability in different areas.


One thing is paramount to every startup – building an audience that understands your business structure, aim, and objective. To achieve this, you need a no-code app like Mailchimp to help you collate your audience’s information, process the data, and reach out to your audience respectively. With this intuitive tool, you can create special categories for your customers based on their data or even receive their opinion about a product or service. All of these are made possible with the full-stack marketing option on Mailchimp. 


Scapic deploys the use of augmented reality (AR) to ensure that your customers have a three-dimensional view of your product. For instance, images of products are uploaded on several online merchant platforms where customers are limited to just a perspective of what the product looks like or how it can greatly benefit them. But with the introduction of AR on Scapic — no code required, customers can now have better visuals on what they are purchasing for. This will help serve your audience better and give relevance to the competition.


You should be familiar with the word webflow. But, whether or not you know what webflow is, what's more, important to note is that this tool helps you a great deal to kick start something brilliant for your startup business without writing a block of code. I know it kind of sounds too good to be real, but you can have a fully-functional webflow website for your startup using webflow – which provides you with professional tools to launch your ideas into reality.

The catchy part is that you can surf through different templates and use intuitive UI like the drag-and-drop feature, making it easy to implement your business model idea with an affordable price entry. 


Do you want to animate your plans and synergize workflow for your startup? Then, Coda is the way to go. This no-code tool brings all data platforms in one place called the Coda doc. With Coda, you can have unlimited access to external documents through the Coda Package. There's a versatility of options to connect to platforms and tools like Google Calendar, Jira, and Slack without a hassle. In essence, Coda makes managing your audience flexible and more interactive.


Not only do no-code applications solve the problem of professional coding when it comes to business startups, but they also augment the absence of software development skills. A no-code platform like Bubble allows you to develop an application for your business from scratch without knowing how programming works. Bubble seeks to help startup business owners aspiring to launch their idea on a higher pedestal to grab hold of visual customization tools to build powerful software with no code.


We have talked extensively about no-code platforms that help build your business startup. However, if you want to learn more about what these applications can do and how they can help improve your business, then Markerpad is the platform to use. This app features lessons and tutorials with real-life applications that can help you understand how to navigate your way through popular no-code applications. You can also opt for paid resources that offer real-time implementation if you want to speed up things a bit.


Parabola is a great integration application that increases your management skill as a business owner. Whether you are dealing with the intricacies of owning an e-merchant website or not knowing how to handle external databases, this no-code platform will help alleviate all your limitations as a startup business owner in the industry by integrating user data into automation and connecting it with several applications. In addition, regardless of where your data is, Parabola introduces a drag-and-drop feature to collect them and increase workflow.


Another no-code app to look out for when building your business startup is Qoins. It is designed to be a financial platform that business owners can deploy on a small or large scale to help their customers pay off pending death easier and faster. This application also provides a series of financial mentorship and has a handful of features that can make your business run smoothly. Amazing features like roundup on daily purchase and payroll deduction will come in handy when setting up your business stop.


There may not be much to every business startup. Still, once the time comes to schedule, analyze or integrate multiple screen displays (particularly for the sake of advert placement), Switchboard is the no-code application to get the job done. Startup business owners can depend on Switchboard to help manage their screen displays in record time without building a bot to handle the job. Although Switchboard is built on the Bubble platform, it has become a full-fledged Salas business with fast-paced growth.


You can agree that startup businesses do not always have to revolve around building an empire filled with technological resources. However, for business startups with a flair for creativity in serving their audience, Gumroad might be the best no-code solution to that. This platform allows small and medium-scale business owners to make a living from what they know how to do best. Via the e-merchant platform on Gumroad, you can sell your artwork, song, or illustration to your customers. With this, you become a boss of your own.


Ideas of your new business keep popping up in your head, and you're positive about developing a mobile application, but you can't write a single code; how do you go about it? Here's where Thunkable comes in! This no-code app lets you use interesting functionalities like drag-and-drop to connect to various components in constructing your business application. This platform sure increases workflow and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can also have access to various open-source projects at any time to practice your craft on the application.


One vital part of business startups are getting their customers' replies in as little time as possible. The need for chatbots cannot be overemphasized as they are very useful for increasing engagement on your business platforms. Landbots help your startup business to develop strong connections with your audience. Landbots brings all of your chatbots together and helps create stellar prompts to put your customers on the right part. List no-code application features a WhatsApp integration that endorses secure conversations with your business audience.

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