I Tested Webflow, Framer, and Wix Studio

June 30, 2024
5 mins

Webflow has been a game-changer since its launch in 2013, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the no-code web design space. It caters to both designers and developers with its advanced control over elements, layouts, and animations, enabling the creation of complex, fully custom websites.

I Tested Webflow, Framer, and Wix Studio

Hey everyone, Derrick here from Hilvy.io , a Webflow development agency. Today, we're diving into a hot topic: Webflow vs. Framer vs. Wix Studio. These are some of the top no-code tools out there, each with its own strengths. Whether you're a designer, developer, or running your own agency, this blog will help you decide which platform is the best fit for your projects.

Webflow: The Versatile Powerhouse

Webflow has been a game-changer since its launch in 2013, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the no-code web design space. It caters to both designers and developers with its advanced control over elements, layouts, and animations, enabling the creation of complex, fully custom websites.

Key Features of Webflow:

  • Advanced Control: Allows for intricate customization with web hooks, APIs, and custom code.
  • Mature CMS: Simplifies content management for both designers and developers.
  • E-commerce Excellence: Offers robust built-in tools for creating full-featured online stores, though it's not quite at Shopify's level.
  • SEO Tools: Powerful, but requires manual optimization to achieve top performance.

Despite being marketed as a no-code tool, some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is beneficial to fully leverage Webflow's capabilities.

Framer: Designer's Dream Tool

Framer started as a prototyping tool but has evolved into a full-fledged website builder. Its interface is similar to design tools like Figma, making it incredibly intuitive for designers.

Key Features of Framer:

  • Intuitive Interface: Freeform canvas design and easy publishing of responsive sites.
  • Figma Integration: Seamlessly imports designs from Figma with pixel-perfect accuracy.
  • User-Friendly CMS: Great for straightforward content needs, though still developing advanced features.
  • SEO Performance: Delivers excellent SEO out of the box, ideal for beginners.

Framer excels in design-centric projects but may be limited for complex functionalities, requiring a React developer for advanced customizations.

Wix Studio: Balanced and User-Friendly

Wix Studio builds on Wix's ease of use, offering advanced features aimed at professionals and agencies. It provides a clean, organized editor with drag-and-drop controls and advanced animations.

Key Features of Wix Studio:

  • User-Friendly Editor: Combines ease of use with advanced options for detailed work.
  • Integrated CMS: Balanced approach for managing dynamic content, ideal for small to medium businesses.
  • E-commerce Functionality: Solid tools for small to medium online stores, integrating well with other Wix services.
  • Collaboration Tools: Strong client feedback and project management features.

Wix Studio is perfect for freelancers and small studios managing multiple projects, providing a comprehensive solution with competitive pricing.

Comparing Key Features

CMS and Content Management

  • Webflow: Powerful and flexible, suitable for complex content structures.
  • Framer: Simple and user-friendly, ideal for straightforward content needs.
  • Wix Studio: Balanced and accessible, great for small to medium businesses.

Ease of Use

  • Framer: Most intuitive for designers with a minimal learning curve.
  • Webflow: Offers more control but has a steeper learning curve, requiring some technical knowledge.
  • Wix Studio: Combines ease of use with advanced options, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

E-commerce and Business Features

  • Webflow: Excels in e-commerce with advanced customization options.
  • Framer: Handles basic e-commerce needs, relying on external solutions for complex setups.
  • Wix Studio: Easy-to-implement e-commerce tools, ideal for small to medium businesses.

SEO and Performance

  • Framer: Delivers excellent SEO performance out of the box.
  • Webflow: Offers strong SEO tools but requires manual optimization.
  • Wix Studio: Improved performance metrics, providing a good balance between ease of use and performance.

Collaboration and Workflow

  • Framer: Real-time collaboration, perfect for design teams.
  • Webflow: Sequential workflows, better for individuals or small teams.
  • Wix Studio: Strong client feedback and collaboration tools, ideal for agencies and freelancers.

Pricing and Plans

  • Framer: Budget-friendly with straightforward pricing.
  • Webflow: Can get expensive with added features and high traffic.
  • Wix Studio: Balanced pricing, offering good value for freelancers and small businesses.

Why I Use Webflow

Personally, I prefer Webflow due to my background in WordPress and hand coding. Webflow offers a level of control reminiscent of traditional web development, with classes, divs, IDs, and other elements. The community and integrations with platforms like Airtable make it a powerful tool for creating scalable websites without needing a React developer.


Choosing the right tool depends on your specific needs:

  • Framer: Ideal for design-centric projects with seamless Figma integration.
  • Webflow: Unmatched for developers needing advanced features and integrations.
  • Wix Studio: Great all-in-one solution for small studios and freelancers.

I hope you found this comparison helpful. If you did, please like, subscribe, and let me know in the comments which platform you're leaning towards. Thanks for reading!

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