Popular Webflow Sites 2022

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All Webflow websites listed below speak volumes about the endless web design possibilities offered by Webflow. With each site, we will look into the nature of the site as well.

Popular Webflow Sites 2022

Webflow has emerged as a leading no-code website builder! There are popular Webflow sites that are redefining the trends out there. If you are a Webflow user, congrats, you have already made an informed decision. Next, you must be looking for a Webflow website that will strike design inspiration for you with that 'Aha' moment. You just dropped by at the right place. Here, we have the best Webflow websites covered.

Making your own website can be quite a thing. Especially when it comes to templates, functionality, and making a responsive design. Well, if you have Webflow website builder by your side, you are already half way through. However, you will need web design inspiration to make a Webflow website.

Now, that is possible if you check the Webflow websites. That will give you a jumping off point to rock your Webflow project. This post brings together sites with brilliant and innovative web design game. Even if you are a web designer, you will need inspiration. And, this post will be your web design inspiration in 2022!

These custom websites will enable you to develop your masterstroke with Webflow. Let us cut to the chase.

10 Popular Webflow Sites 2022

Webflow is a powerful tool that is used by over 3,500,000 web designers and businesses globally. Its drag-and-drop interface is immensely user-friendly and offers great graphic design value.

All Webflow websites listed below speak volumes about the endless web design possibilities offered by Webflow. With each site, we will look into the nature of the site as well.

Kicking off the list with a website that is an epitome of sheer brilliance with simplicity.


What Is Ready.so?

Ready is the first calendar designed to make your meetings more efficient and effective by stopping them from crowding your day.

A calendar that gives you fewer meetings, more focus and superior quality time with your team is easier than you might think.

Ready.so Webflow Design

If you can say everything you need to on one page, thereby cutting down on web pages and unnecessary content, do so. This will leave a stronger impression of your brand's offer.

Ready understands that "less is more," in web development and its audience loves it for this. They are always curious to see what Ready will do next, and the simplified web design makes it easy for potential customers to find out what they need to know about the brand.

This aids in conversion, making Ready a go-to choice for many people.

With its sleek homepage design and use of minimal copy, memorable imagery, and playful highlighting of key information, Ready achieves what many competitors lack — marketable usability.


What Is Nura?

Nura is an award-winning electronics company based in Melbourne, Australia. Nura headphones are designed and manufactured with personalized sound technology.

Nura's propriety technology monitors the inner ear to measure hearing sensitivities to different frequencies.

Nura Webflow Website

The design team created a website that cohesively communicates the tech company’s product, identity, and goals to its target market.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing site tailored to provide a unique experience for each visitor.

Nura's brand and online store use animated graphics to make complex topics digestible and pleasing for their target market.


What Is SVZ Design?

SVZ is a phenomenal web design agency that creates exceptional award-winning Webflow websites. It essentially offers a bespoke graphic design that is simply stunning.

Web designers at SVZ make the best use of Webflow's drag-and-drop interface with their skills.

SVZ Webflow Website

SVZ Design's Webflow scrolling animations, transitions, and visuals are clean and simple, which creates a cohesive experience for the user and showcases the agency's design skills.

Take a look at SVZ Design's process page and you'll see just how skilled they are in both UX and product design.

The page itself is a beautiful example of their work, carefully crafting meaningful experiences for users.

Look no further than these web design agencies and freelancers for inspiration with your own website. And here's a friendly tip- they all use Webflow!


What Is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a commission-free options and stock trading app that was founded in 2018. The company targets young investors who are looking to trade without having to pay high fees.

Gatsby uses Webflow for all its web development needs. This shows that Webflow can help Fintech as well for web design.

Gatsby Webflow Website

Gatsby's web design is more appealing to younger generations than its competitors.

The salmon and coral shades against the white suggest a taffy-like dessert to attract Gatsby's target market.

Gatsby's web design was well thought out to subconsciously make users feel positive sentiments while also giving off an air of authority and expertise in economics through their content, graphics, and copy.

By transforming UI features for something as mundane as investments and finance, this brand sets itself apart from its competitors.


What Is Michael Kors Collection?

Michael Kors is a name that needs no introduction. He is a big name in the realm of fashion. He's been in business for over 4 decades now and proudly utilizes Webflow for his web design needs.

Michael Kors Collection Webflow Website

The design team behind the Michael Kors Collection website expertly captures the feeling of springtime in New York City.

By visiting the website, viewers are immediately immersed in famed designer Michael Kors' mind. The layout and user interface have been created to perfectly reflect his Spring and Summer 2022 Collection.

That takes inspiration from director Haley Elizabeth Anderson's portrait of him. In other words, as Mr Kors aptly says, we're seeing "nature and rebirth through an urban lens."

Use this as inspiration for your next fashion blogger or high-end client's new website design.


What Is Ok Alpha?

Okalpha is a studio that focuses on detail-oriented animation and motion design. We conceptualize, direct, and produce still or moving imagery for an array of digital projects.

OK Alpha Webflow Website

Okalpha utilized its experience in fun animations to produce a charming, engaging, and one-of-a-kind Webflow site. With bright colours and animated 3D shapes, the website looks like Legos or a funhouse--but positively.

Little extras, such as the 3D hover effect on buttons, provide a nice finishing touch that is consistent with the brand.

The website's colours and shapes are very eye-catching, so the copy is kept short and sweet to avoid overwhelming viewers. In the services section, you can click on any of the many specialities listed to learn more about it via a slide-in box.

As a whole, this website does a great job of striking a balance between being playful and easy to navigate.


What Is 'The Goonies'?

This talented web design is dedicated to the 1985 hit movie, The Goonies.

About the Goonies: The Goonies, a group of young outcasts, find an old map and embark on a journey to locate a fabled pirate's long-lost treasure.

The Goonies Webflow Website

The Goonies design team, high-quality web builder platform, Hollywood budget, and the nostalgia of the 1980s came together to create this digital time capsule.

This website is an engaging experience, one that could only have been created by using a web builder like Webflow. Other builders wouldn't have been able to manage the design team's extensive creativity (without CSS or JavaScript).

By scrolling through this web design, viewers are transported into the immersive world of their favourite classic movie.

The power of the scroll is evident here — when done appropriately, it functions as the driving force behind a successful web design. You can also achieve this by using the Webflow drag-and-drop interface.

The way the story progresses as the user scrolls are inspired and flawlessly carried out in this Webflow design. It truly encapsulates the essence of the 1980s.

There was a simplicity and purity to those carefree days during summertime in 1985-- it really was a wonderful time to be alive!

Please visit this website, especially if you’re using a mobile device. And if you grew up in the 80s, thank us later. You are going to praise the web designer who made a wonder using Webflow.


What Is Wannabe?

Wannabe is a cool and independent online store that specializes in awesome collectables of many action figures and props as well.

Wannabe Webflow Web Design

This website does a great job of melding Japanese and Italian cinema from the 70s into one beautiful, cinematic package with subtle animations.

Wannabe designs websites that are true works of art, and we believe that by paying attention to detail and taste, any small business can find new levels of success among its consumer base.

We love that Wannabe's message stating "Please rotate your device" is displayed prominently on mobile devices, as this shows that they're not willing to compromise their work for a responsive design. This is one of the coolest unusual ventures in the world of web design.

This Webflow design is something we can definitely get behind!


What Is Ujet?

Ujet is an engineering company that creates sleek and modern e-scooters.

UJET employs engineers who are specialists in both electrical and mechanical engineering. In addition, these professionals have advanced knowledge of modern software applications, connectivity architectures, supply chain management processes, and innovative tooling approaches.

Also important is the company's understanding of manufacturing and homologation procedures.

Ujet Webflow Website

The moment you land on their site, it's evident that this is a forward-thinking company that offers innovative and top-of-the-line products.

This visual effect is created partially by the website's clean interface design.

The website's navigation is designed well with smooth animation and thoughtful layering that makes it easy to scroll through the site.


What Is VOUS Church?

VOUS Church is based in South Miami, Florida. The main goal of the VOUS Church is to provide others with the hope that Jesus offers.

VOUS Church Webflow Website

VOUS Church has an exemplary website compared to other churches. The web design very succinctly communicates the church’s mission and goals, and it does so in a way that feels almost like a social media platform catered just for its audience.

VOUS Church's website is designed to reflect its core identity and messaging, as a modern community that focuses on Jesus and the people.

With strategic choices in layout, content, copy, media, and blogging page pages, VOUS Church has created an effective platform for connecting with its target audience.

All these Webflow websites are breathtaking! When combined with human capabilities, it can result in web wonders. Webflow is surely a leader in the realm of no-code tools s it provides flexibility and value.

If you are not a Webflow user, you are missing out on some great stuff. Let us briefly talk about why you should give Webflow a go.

Why You Should Opt For Webflow?

There are plenty of reasons to consider using Webflow when designing your next website.

First and foremost, Webflow gives you complete control over the design process. You're able to create custom designs that are both responsive and Retina-ready.

Webflow also generates clean, semantic code that adheres to best practices — meaning your site will be well-optimized for search engines.

Plus, with Webflow's CMS (Content Management System), you can easily manage and update your website's content — without having to touch a single line of code!

Last but not least, Webflow is just really fun to use! The interface is intuitive and easy to learn, even if you're a complete beginner.

So, if you're looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use website builder, then Webflow is definitely worth checking out.

In Essence - Webflow Is Simply A Wonder!

Webflow has truly transformed how we view no-code web design. All the websites listed here speak volumes about that. If you haven't checked it yet, this is your awakening call to try Webflow. It can surely transform your experience in business and online presence. It provides plenty of room to bring human abilities into play for enhanced outcomes. Plus, there are Webflow maestros out there who can help you achieve that.

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