Webflow University

Webflow University is a free resource for learning about Webflow. The no-code phenomenon was proposed by co-founder and current CEO Vlad Magdalin as a method of democratising the design process.

Webflow University

Where does one go to study Webflow?

Webflow University is a free resource for learning about Webflow. Co-founder and current CEO Vlad Magdalin proposed the no-code phenomenon as a method of democratising the design process. With the aid of Webflow University, the average creative may learn everything about Webflow, from site design to hosting and SEO. Webflow University's curriculum is intended to be accessible to students of all levels of competence.

What exactly do we get?

Webflow University's courses and modules are jam-packed with instructive videos and articles to help you understand the programme. Students at Webflow University may also receive certificates by passing Webflow's own certification examinations. Webflow allows users to get certified in three main areas:

Planned Layout Design and Implementation


Interaction Examples

These credentials may be taken overseas and used on resumes and social media profiles to show prospective employers your knowledge and passion. Webflow University is a repository for free educational materials that are updated on a regular basis by the Webflow team.

We at Derrick.dk want to provide our clients with the opportunity to increase their Webflow knowledge. Here are some videos we suggest for your watching enjoyment.

A Basic Introduction to HyperText Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets

This video explains the relationship between HTML and CSS in web design. Webflow frees designers from coding limitations while still allowing them to construct and edit websites visually. This greatly improves efficiency, thanks to Webflow, which has rendered hand-coding HTML and CSS redundant.

Webflow Content Management System Overview

This video offers an overview of the Webflow content management system (CMS). Web designers may now organise, produce, and update information aesthetically without touching the underlying code.

An Overview of Webflow's CSS Preview

Webflow's no-code characteristics distinguish it. Thanks to a new feature introduced in this mini-lesson, web designers may now witness Webflow as it develops clean code alongside the site's aesthetic growth. Because of this preview, designers may simply export that code without any further effort.

Introduction by the Editor

The Editor in Webflow is critical since it allows teams and collaborators to change and manage content in real-time through the live website. Thanks to this technology, which allows for rapid changes, changing the site is now a snap.

Introduction of the Designer

The video presents a guided tour of the Designer's key functionalities, which enable non-experts to create high-quality websites. Designers may utilise The Designer to integrate content, animations, and other dynamic components to build a contemporary and cutting-edge website.

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How do you design your own website?

How to Create a Website Choose a website builder, decide on your goal, design your layout, register your domain name, gather your materials, include the right pages, build your website's components, and more.

What is Webflow and how it works?

A drag-and-drop editor called Webflow allows users to design websites without having to worry about coding; once the site is complete, Webflow generates the necessary HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

What coding language does Webflow use?

JavaScript Webflow's component library uses JavaScript to make your website functional for users, making it simple and quick to create an interactive and unique website using Webflow. In addition, experienced designers can use the Webflow code editor to add custom elements to a website.

Can Webflow build apps?

Summary: Despite the fact that Webflow is still in its early stages of development as an online application building platform, the tools it can connect to and the countless examples of apps and markets created using Webflow show a lot of promise.

What are 3 examples of no-code tools?

The best no-code tools are at the top of this list: Code2, Appy Pie, Webflow, Carrd, Thunkable, DronaHQ, and more to come. CMS Hubspot Bubble

How do I move my website to Webflow?

Top 5 Webflow Migration Advice Implement the crucial SEO elements, link Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, create 301 redirects, and reset your DNS settings.

What can I build with Webflow?

In a previous article, I explained how building your marketing site in Webflow is the best way to enable your design and marketing teams to manage your online presence without the need for engineers. Here are 11 of the best Webflow HelloSign business sites: SeamlessGov, Procurify, Zestful, Petal, BankMobile, Bonsai, and more.

Where are Webflow clients?

Where can I find clients? My LinkedIn profile, Freelancer.com, Upwork, Indeed, and a map of codes

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