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Corporate Style Guide

A style guide that helps communicate a message to the world in a unique fashion.

Let's start by asking a simple question? What's your style? The truth is, we all have our unique styles both in our personal and professional life. When it comes to companies, they need a style guide that helps them communicate their message to the world in a unique fashion. The corporate style is not just a branding thing; it is how a company communicates to its customers.

Importance of corporate styles

Why do companies need a style? Why be consistent with the way you communicate to the world? Well, for starters, a corporate style communicates professionalism and consistency. It shows you care, and though it may not sound as much, that is an important attribute.

Additionally, a corporate style makes your brand relatable. It helps you get noticed by the customers and all the stakeholders.

Essential aspects of a corporate style


The brand color should be clear and easily recognizable by all. While that sounds basic, the same colors should be consistent in the graphics, logo, and other branded materials. It is vital to keep the same color throughout your style.

We help businesses pick their right colors, which resonates with the public and relates to the company objectives.


While color is an essential element, typography is even better as it helps solidify your message. It involves the choice of fonts, headers, titles, copy, labels, and any other branded aspect for both print and digital materials. It also embodies things like contact information, citations, and the like. Basically, it is everything that you write to your audience.

We will help you create a topography that oozes confidence and elegance. As this is the basis of your corporate style guide, we will ensure it has everything your company stands for. With this, you can go ahead and create the website and every other marketing material need to help raise the company's brand awareness.


How do you want the layout to be? Which guidelines do you want when setting out the text, header, images and charts, and every other necessary thing? It will go along way in ensuring that everything stands out.

Images and videos

People are attracted to quality. Quality pictures and videos are essential in creating engaging content. We offer full cinematography services to help boost companies make their mark. We have invested in the right equipment, hardware, and software to ensure that the videos pass the intended information.

Now that you know more about corporate guides, you can get in touch with us and request a quote. We will help design one that will be worth your time and resources.

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