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For decades, there has been no disputing that eCommerce has been a hugely booming business. eCommerce has been steadily increasing, rising from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $3.5 trillion in 2019. There were already projections that eCommerce would be a $6.5 trillion industry by the year 2023.

That was all before COVID-19. During the first two quarters of 2020, online merchants increased their sales by $107 billion.

eCommerce is becoming the new normal, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Due to the pandemic, 24% of customers said they wouldn't feel comfortable going to a shopping center for at least the next six months in April 2020.

If you've been thinking about launching an eCommerce business, now is the time.

Why Choose Webflow Web Design Services?

Webflow is a platform that allows you to build stunning animations, integrations, and experiences that are available for the world to see.

Webflow offers an extension that allows you to design your site and add an eCommerce feature to sell physical items and digital products.

It also interfaces with shipment management systems like Shippo. To provide you with the ability to obtain shipping costs, track, manage print shipping labels, and send information about your goods.

The primary reason for using it is the ability to fully personalize the appearance of the shopping cart, automatic international emails, store product pages, and more.

With strong interactions and animations in your store, you can elevate your online store from average to high-end.

Create Customer Experiences

Many store owners begin by selling products and are unconcerned about client experiences, yet these experiences are what propel your business ahead.

Concentrate on what is quintessential, which is that your buyers enjoy your product and the purchase experience.

With Webflow eCommerce, you can begin the entire process with a distinctive and compelling website design that emphasizes all of your product's most remarkable qualities and assists clients in making that final purchase.

Clients will quickly learn about your product and why they can't live without it if they have an engaged and appealing experience.

Customized Sell

Sell your items with custom layout experiences, add variants if you have the same product in many colors, and add custom fields if necessary.

Payments are processed by Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal.

This means that your buyers have a variety of payment options available to them.

What's Webflow eCommerce for?

Webflow is for people who wish to stand out from the millions of other online stores.

You'll be able to amaze anyone if you can personalize how your shop works, looks, and feels.

Webflow eCommerce is best suited for stores that sell a small number of items or online products with its present restrictions. It is most effective as an extension of an existing excellent website design.

Designers trying to sell their artwork, service providers looking to offer items online, and high-end products with limited quantities sold are great for Webflow.

Webflow eCommerce should be on your list for building your business, especially if you want to create a pleasant buying experience.

I've used Webflow eCommerce in several of my website designs and have created store websites.

Check out my Webflow eCommerce Development services if you want to authorize your own business.

I understand that Webflow isn't the most popular website platform right now, but this platform will become the go-to solution soon!

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