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Membership Systems

Login systems, membership dashboards and automated emails/tasks based on website actions.

The need for membership systems continues to rise by the day. In this data-driven age, there is a need to collect and safely store and use membership details. Years back, membership was simply a solution to move membership data from spreadsheets and paperwork. Nowadays, the membership system does much more than just recording membership data and logins. Now we have designs that can process payments and integrate with some of the most common tools such as CRM.

Here is a rundown of what management systems can do for you;

  • Register members
  • Managing membership list
  • Event management
  • Virtual membership cards
  • Creating renewal reminders
  • Processing payments
  • Integrating with tools like CRM

Why we are you go-to when building membership systems

Skills and experience

Crafting state of the art membership system requires both skills and experience. As an expert in the field, you can expect us to build you a system that works smoothly. We have the tech and know-how of building reputable systems that you can rely on.

Integration with common tools

We integrate the membership system with some of the standard tools like CRM. This is a welcome relief as it allows you to manage members and make teamwork more attainable.

Affordable prices

When we craft solutions, we don't overcharge our clients. We have desirable rates, with no hidden charges. Once we agree on the preferred solution, the rates will be arranged, which will be the end of that.

Well-designed websites

We have what it takes to build top-notch custom database sites and subscription-based websites. We will also ensure that you can quickly manage your database and where only a select few can access.

Some of the features you can expect in a management system include;

  • log in systems
  • automated emails
  • automated tasks
  • membership dashboard
  • database-driven websites
  • subscription-based websites
  • integration with CRM

Reach out to us and get your membership system started.

Subscribers to the ApexBull forex service are able to access member-only areas after successfully completing payment. The site integrates with TradingView (Forex Analysis platform) to allow users access to a chart tool through API usage. It is also linked to an external course hosting website.

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