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Payment Gateways

Intergration with Stripe, PayPal & any other payment gateway to help you make money

The digital era has opened doors and countless opportunities to millions of people out there. With business booming and things like e-commerce and freelancing booming, there is an urgent need to integrate all the systems for easier management. It is to this end that we brought on board payment gateways: a service where we integrate the payment methods with your services.

Whether you are freelancing and getting payments through credit cards, we have your back. It could also be that you are mining cryptocurrency, and the funds are coming through Coingate; we have you covered. Our payments gateway shortens the process for you, giving you a comfortable time looking at the numbers.

Why do you need payment gateways?

People ask, is payment gateway worth it? To them, we say, yes, payment gateways are a must-have and must include service. Here is why;

It makes work easier.

There is no simpler way of saying it, but bringing all your payment methods in one place makes your life a whole lot better. With this, you can take one look and see how your business is doing.

It makes accounting a breeze

Accounting is usually a demanding job, and you can make it easier for your accountant or bookkeeper with payment gateways. They don't have to spend countless hours looking for info and data as it will be readily available.

Broadens your scope

With our payment gateway, you will be able to add more payment methods. More payment methods mean more business. Broaden your market scope by adding payment methods like PayPal, PayPal, Coingate, MoonClerk, TotalProcessing, and any other payment method you deem necessary. You don’t have to turn back customers simply because you don’t accept certain payment methods.

Supports all payment cycles

Whether you receive payments daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or any other time, the payment gateway will cover you. It simplifies the finances giving you ample time to concentrate on your business.

Need payment gateway? Reach out to us.

AltSignals utilizes 2 payment gateways into one customer management system. TotalProcessing and Coingate were used to power all e-commerce offerings. A custom process was developed to manage the introduced monthly, bi-monthly and yearly payment system since TotalProcessing did not provide this. Various automatic processes are triggered based on payments.

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