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Registration Forms

Secure, adaptable & advanced registration forms for maximum conversions.

Registration forms:

Registration is more than a place to jot down names and contact information, it's a chance to know your clients better. The registration forms I build offer an efficient, reliable and secure way to do just that. Through them I can help aid you in collecting the needs, preferences and information you need as a brand to serve your customers better.

Action-based forms

I can trigger a set of actions based on the information your customers input. This helps aid the processes after a client expresses interest in your service. Thus allowing concise communication between your client and you.


My security features are GDPR compliant, and employ the highest security level possible. This helps ensure that all the data collection that takes place on your site, protects both you and your clients.


I understand that a registration form is your chance to make a lasting first impression. In order to do this I creatively design the registration forms to match your brand and put forward the best image possible. This is shown through high converting forms that are efficient and create better returns.

Who needs registration forms?

Every type of business needs a registration form in one way or the other. However, some may need it more than others. For example: medical practitioners, event organisers, ordering services, schools, and many more.

When you need safe, reliable, and highly converting registration forms, get in touch with me.

BodyByCiara utilizes several advanced registration forms. One of which changes form elements based on the country/location of the customer. This allowed us to build a completely unique flow dependent on the user journey.

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