Webflow vs Wordpress (2023).. why move?

May 8, 2022
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Essentially, WordPress and Webflow are both website-building platforms. But no two website-building platforms are the same. You have the opportunity to choose which platform you use to build the websites you design.

Webflow vs Wordpress (2023).. why move?

Essentially, WordPress and Webflow are both website-building platforms but no two website-building platforms are the same. There’s no doubt, WordPress has been the pioneer & king of website platforms since 2003 however you now can choose which between several strong contenders.

If you're new to designing websites, we'll go over both of the platforms and share the reason why going with webflow designer may be the better option.

Note: Since moving over 30+ WP websites, I’m very biased towards Webflow. Now: let’s go!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source software that is free to use. This implies that anybody can download it and use it to build a website. It has been in business since 2003 and is one of the most well-known website builders available. As part of their mission, they believe that software should be simple to use so that you can focus on freely sharing your narrative, product, or service. You only need to buy a name and hosting to have a website up and operating in minutes.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is recognized as the visual website builder with no coding. However, it is more than simply a site design tool; it is also a CMS and webflow hosting platform. The Webflow Editor enables designers to create professional, one-of-a-kind websites in an entirely visual manner. In a nutshell, you get the best of both worlds. When using a webflow designer you get the benefits of utilizing a visual editor and the extra flexibility of building a totally bespoke website from the bottom up.

So Why Webflow?

Webflow Web design becomes one fluid process

There is no longer any separation between visual design and code. For many years, the aesthetic process of web design was typically separated from the actual site development. You would construct wireframes, mock-up the UI, and send materials to a developer as a web designer.

Then you'd have to deal with the back and forth, ensuring that the developer follows through on your design concept. However, using Webflow, it is not necessary to split the process. You can now have a webflow designer design and construct a website with the help of a single tool.

Design with clean code

While WordPress plugins provide much functionality, they also introduce extra code that might slow down your site's performance. Webflow bypasses all of it, so your site is driven by as clean HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as you can make it.

Create beautiful and complex interactions

The internet is intended to be an interactive experience. The websites you create will stand out if you use thoughtful animations. To reproduce these animations, you would require a considerable understanding of CSS and Javascript, but using Webflow, you can design them graphically. Without having to bother about coding, you can now have a webflow designer create complex animations.

Design responsively with ease

Webflow makes it simple to examine and change layouts across a wide range of current devices. Simply click on any of the breakpoints to observe how your design changes from desktop to tablet to mobile, and so on.

User-friendly CMS interface

Webflow provides a straightforward on-page editing experience with a basic dashboard UI. While the WordPress dashboard has a plethora of choices, most of them are meaningless to you. Instead, Webflow displays only the information you require.

Increase SEO

Webflow provides quick and easy access to all of the on-page SEO options you want. Meta titles and descriptions for CMS content are generated automatically depending on the fields you create and define. SSL is provided for free to all Webflow websites.

Extra support

The WordPresscommunity is huge when it comes to providing suport. It is x10 the size of Webflow's community so you will likely never feel alone.

Webflow, on the other hand, provides additional materials to assist you in mastering the tool. There is, for example, Webflow University, and , a fantastic customer support team to answer any queries you may have. Working with an experienced webflow designer is also another option.

Complete control in design customization

The most important reason to utilize Webflow is that it is the most satisfactory solution for building custom-designed websites from the ground up. Control HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript on a totally visual canvas, and then let Webflow transform your design into clean, semantic code that's ready to publish to the web.

If you're rebuilding a WordPress-powered website and want to give Webflow a shot, you can do it in minutes.

If you’re looking for Webflow London assistance, Webflow designer Derrick Kityo can help you create a powerful website.

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