How to Interview No-Code Developers

January 1, 2022
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No-code is an exciting new way to build websites. It has increased access to web development by allowing people with various backgrounds to create websites without the need to be experienced programmers. Web development has grown in creative possibilities, but it can also make it hard to know what to look for when hiring a no-code developer.

How to Interview No-Code Developers

No-code is an exciting new way to build websites. It has increased access to web development by allowing people with various backgrounds to create websites without the need to be experienced programmers. Web development has grown in creative possibilities, but it can also make it hard to know what to look for when hiring a no-code developer.

First, should you hire a freelancer or an agency?

An Agency Vs Freelance No-code Developer

This question does not have a simple answer and the "one size fits all" logic doesn't really apply. You have to consider the project requirement and the available time to complete it.

Pros Of Working With A Freelancer

  1. In comparison to digital agencies, no-code freelancers are cheaper and more affordable. 
  2. As independent developers, freelancers provide all the related services for the software development on their own. 
  3. Freelancers work on a flexible schedule and follow the needs of their clients. 
  4. Freelancers can be hired on a temporary basis for short term projects and tasks that require specific expertise, such as design, coding, etc.

Cons Of Working With A Freelancers

  1. Management skills and coordination can be lacking when working with freelancers. 
  2. Freelancers work on a variety of projects and for many different clients. Projects, tasks, and deadlines inevitably collide sometimes.
  3. As freelancers don't sign an official guarantee for the completion of projects, there is a lack of security when outsourcing projects to them.

The only connection between you and them is through the internet. They may disappear without warning. In order to hire new freelancers, you would have to bring in replacements and go through the entire process again. The half-finished work may cause confusion for the new developer if he attempts to complete it.

You should hire freelancers when:

  • It's a small project
  • Two or more freelancers can be managed easily
  • It is not necessary to have multiple specialists in different fields

Pros Of Working With a Digital Agency

  1. A team of developers is made up of specialized individuals with a range of skills, mostly working on complex projects. They are quick to handle the complexities of the projects and are experts at handling them.
  2. The key to working smoothly without any hiccups lies in agencies working in a well-organized manner and coordinating.
  3. The agency provides you with an official guarantee and provides exceptional service as they place a high priority on reputation.
  4. A good agency keeps track of the latest trends, learns new technologies, and knows every aspect of information that will help the business grow.
  5. As part of their strategy to remain competitive, agencies are always implementing the latest technologies on your project.

Cons Of Working With Digital Agency

  1. A good team comes at a price. Freelancers charge less than developer marketing agencies.
  2. Due to their traditional working hours, agencies lack flexibility.
  3. Agencies work together as a team to complete the assigned task. Some clients find it difficult to communicate with the person who is in charge of their project. The whole process and communication can be time-consuming.

According to the pros and cons of a digital agency, you should consider one when:

  • It is a complex project that requires multiple work streams and phases to be managed.
  • Multiple specialists are needed.
  • You are on a tight deadline.

Assessment of the Developer's No-code Skills

Look at the previous websites and databases of a candidate. As opposed to a resume or cover letter, this always gives a better sense of their real-world skills. If you ask them how they work and work with others, you'll be able to choose someone who is communicative and effectively collaborates with a team.

A CMS simplifies the process of updating content that needs to be updated regularly, such as blog posts, recipes, or events. Content management systems can link related data and customize templates to make managing content significantly easier. Webflow has a built-in CMS with templates so you can create and manage your content.

Your website's content structure should be as clean and organized as its user-facing side. It is important that a candidate has knowledge and experience setting up databases and is committed to keeping them up-to-date. It’s a good idea to ask a candidate about their approach to database maintenance during an interview.

Evaluate Their Site Quality

In order to rank well on search engines, load quickly, and perform well, your website should be bulletproof on both the front-end and back-end. The best developer to hire is one who has made quality sites in the past. Look at their previous work to figure this out.

Having a site with clean class nomenclature, efficient CSS, and proper database structures shows an applicant is meticulous and willing to work hard behind the scenes to make a site that is functional and organized, not just visually appealing.

Hire Candidates Who Can Work Well With Your Team

It is important to evaluate candidates for both their interpersonal skills and technical knowledge in order to find a person who is pleasant to work with as well as technically competent.

People skills like patience are essential. You most likely aren't a developer, so you may need things explained to you in multiple ways before you understand what’s being explained. The best no-code developers will be patient with their clients. No one wants to work with someone who is hot-tempered. 

Ask about their approach to teamwork and how they handle criticism. Candidates who are flexible and low on ego will be able to work well with your team and adapt to your procedures.

Candidates Who are Constantly Learning are the Best

An experienced developer will be able to keep your website current and on the cutting edge. Having the confidence to say, "I'm not an expert on this tool, but I've been experimenting with it," shows that they are willing to explore outside of their comfort zone.

As with so many occupations, web designers require a wide variety of skills. When typography, color, and the use of space are brought together in an engaging manner, it is like the visual language of design equilibrium. No-code developers should understand the principles that make for effective and aesthetically compelling work.

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